Adrienne Laurén

Recent Work

Adrienne & her two little rescues made it to the big screen with Arm & Hammer. Check out the full video out below ! :) 

Yes. The Maternal trailer is here.
Click below to watch now..


Written & Directed by Michael Kuper amazing talent that I certainly can't wait to work with again..and looks like that is happening #staytuned 


Adrienne was most recently cast as the lead in the Maternal trailer. Maternal is a full-length horror feature written and directed by Michael Kuper.


& Woooo was this a fun one to film-to say the least. This trailer is currently in post-production! 

Meet Violet from the feature horror film Haunted Pages


Written by Alterik Miller & Directed by Marquis Valdez, this haunting story is currently in production so stay tuned. 

What a month it's been - Phew! Crazy busy in the very BEST way.


Adrienne has worked on a bunch of projects this June & is so excited to share each and every one with you.


The first to wrap was an independent feature currently entitled "Rave" where Adrienne plays the role of Camisha. This is currently in post-production so stay tuned.

The second to wrap, is an emotional short film directed by Aldo Vassallo and produced by Ana Naumovska. "The Game" is based off a true story and is told through the eyes of a young boy. Adrienne plays the mother: a strong woman going through more than any of us could imagine.


Below are some bts photos from set!



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The third to wrap, is the indie horror film "Greet Your Demons" written & directed by Joe Leone. Adrienne stars as Sharón, a mysterious enigmatic French woman who may just not be human...check out the teaser below!  

The final cut of the short, Sublime, is out now! Click the video below to watch!

Writer/Director: Vincent Daniels

DP/Editor: Sam Schmitz

You can find Adrienne's newest beauty editorial printed within the April edition of Elléments Magazine. Entitled Azure Dreams, this editorial was brought to life by the talented group of creatives including Veronica L Yankowski, Roxie Benz, Dimi Papanikos and Michael Scoblete.


Adrienne partnered up with nonprofit organization Pilots to the Rescue and is set to fly out this Thursday (3/4/21) on a mission to rescue dozens of cats that are at risk of being euthanized. The trip will be documented so stay tuned for a post-rescue update! 

To donate to the cause, click on the link below! 100% of your donations goes to saving these tiny lives! 

In the meantime meet Adrienne's newest rescue, Taz!

Adrienne recently booked the lead role of the short film currently entitled, "Sublime". She plays Lindsey, a vulnerable character caught between emotions, reality, and doing what's right. This short is in post-production, so stay tuned!


You can find Adrienne printed in several pages of the Fall/Winter November 2020 issue of PUMP Magazine. Her vintage inspired fashion editorial features authentic looks from the 1950's, 1960's, & 1970's. Copies of the issue are available for purchase in the link below. 


Adrienne can be found starring alongside Scottish indie-rock musician Kev Sherry in his newly released video for his single "The Bluff" from Sherry's debut solo album Foxy Orthodoxy. Click below to check it out!